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Water Droplet Air Humidifier

Water Droplet Air Humidifier

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This state-of-the-art Water Droplet Air Humidifier features patented anti-gravity technology, allowing it to disperse water droplets weightlessly in the room. This advanced humidifier delivers optimal humidity levels for an ideal environment, creating a healthier atmosphere with improved air quality.

600ml Weightless Water Droplet Air Humidifier with Anti-Gravity Technology, Essential Oil Diffuser, Night Light, and Sprayer - Enhance Air Quality and Relaxation..

Certifications: CE
Power Mode: USB
Tank Capacity: <1L
Application Area: 10-20㎡
Water Adding Method: Open The Lid And Add Water
Control Method: Push Button Type
Operating Voltage: ≤36V
Battery Properties: Without Battery
Item IDVH12653
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